8 Simple ways of How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Sometimes, relationships are easy to make, but are extremely difficult to maintain, especially if you talk about the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend. So many issues can arise from time to time, and if you fail to tackle things right, you will lose the plot quickly. In these types of relationships where two young lovers are involved, one of the most common issues is infidelity of one partner. Of course, there are signs that make a person think the other party is showing little or no interest in keeping a relationship intact, but still, you should proceed with extreme care – especially if you ‘think’ you have a cheating girlfriend to take care of.

What Puts Men in Doubt 

How to tell if Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Have you been in a relationship with a girl for a couple of years or so? Do you really love her? And she also reciprocates by saying that she’s madly in love with you, and wants to marry you to live happily ever after? That’s great. But have you been noticing her to behave differently quite recently? Now, she doesn’t want to see you every other day, and your phone calls are not long and rich with conversation. Well, these could definitely be the signs of cheating.

While it’s true that your girlfriend may no longer be interested in keeping in touch with you, it’s important that you don’t make a quick decision. She may simply be under stress or something may have had the better of her – and it might not be cheating at all. So, what should you do now?

How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Cheating?

It’s true that your macho side will always make you think that she’s not cheating on you, and you’re still the center of her universe. But if Kirsten Stewart can cheat on Robert Pattinson, then the chances are that you may also be dealing with an unfaithful partner. Interestingly though, there are always certain signs of cheating that will tell you that you don’t have to continue with a relationship, and it’s time to move on. Here are a few important signs to help you make a decision.

  • If you ask how to tell if your girlfriend is cheatingthe very first sign is that she will show little to no interest in hanging with your friends or taking part in your family functions. This detachment is usually because she is excited about something else happening in her life, which she thinks is a lot better than hanging out with your friends. Moreover, this detachment could also be due to a condition called “cheater’s remorse”, which shows that she’s feeling guilty about what she have done – and she thinks she should avoid your circles to keep the mental anguish in check.


  • When your girlfriend is in love with you, you two will have long hours to communicate with each other and that too with harmonious precision. But if you have noticed a change in her behavior, and it feels like she’s always on the lookout for an excuse to lash out at you, it may be a sign of cheating. Your girlfriend may be behaving like this to tell herself that she has done nothing wrong, and that you were imperfect in many ways. Similarly, this constant nagging behavior may be because it helps her relieve her nagging guilt. It means that if your girlfriend has just recently started to point out your every flaw, it may be because she’s cheating on you.


  • While trying to find exactly how to tell if your girlfriend is cheatingyou will often notice a common sign – the appearance of a mysterious friend. In most of these cases where girlfriends cheat on their boyfriends, it’s quite common to notice a mysterious friend entering the story. This friend could be anyone – an old friend, a coworker, or anyone else. But what makes things suspicious is that she will make every effort to keep this ‘new’ friendship under wraps – any general details about this new character will be hard to come by. If that’s the case, this could definitely be a warning sign for you.


  • Another important sign of cheating is that you will notice her to avoid your questions as much as possible. In most cases, a cheating girlfriend will refuse to answer the fairest of questions – or her answers will be extremely ambiguous or confusing. She may also show anger and become hostile when you ask simple questions like what kept her out at night. She will try to take a defensive side and won’t disclose simple information that she never had issues disclosing a few weeks, or months, back. That’s usually because of her confused state of mind – she may be feeling guilty, or she may just be searching for a lie to keep you in dark.


  • A change in her priorities with a little to no time for you is another telltale sign that she may be cheating on you. In fact, if you notice a serious shift in her daily priorities for no obvious reason, this may well be because she’s in a heavy and hot romance with another guy. Suddenly, you will not be asked for Sunday dates at the movies, or she may show no interest in joining you in activities that you two have been enjoying a lot in the past. This change in schedule or priorities is generally because she is more interested in planning a date with her new flame.


  • If you have been noticing her to put in more effort to dress to kill and try all those skimpy outfits that would make her look sexy, this may be due to her new found love. What it means is that you will see her try everything to look gorgeous, and this is exactly how she dressed when you two started dating for the first time. If she’s paying attention to herself like she was doing when she first met you, it’s generally a sign that she’s trying to impress someone else with her beauty. And if you notice her going out of the way to try new stuff to look cool, this may be due to the fact that she wants to change her look a bit to make her new ‘flame’ happy. Even if you think that she always has that desire to look sexy, but if you believe she’s not respecting your opinion and trying different things, you should take it as a warning sign.


  • Another important sign of how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you is that you will notice her become more autonomous. It means you will notice her drop “we” from her life, and she will refer to different issues more autonomously – she will now switch to “I”. Moreover, you will see her pay no respect to your opinion – she will do things without even bothering to consult with you for a minute. Her plans will now be different, and while talking about her plans, she will now ‘forget’ to hold your hand. In most cases, this kind of behavior is a sign that she is no longer interested or comfortable having you in the picture – she may be cheating on you, or she may simply be looking to walk out of this relationship.


  • Another important sign of cheating that not only applies on girlfriends but applies on wives as well is that she will have no urge to make love to you. Sometimes, you may have not started a sexual relationship with your girlfriend, but even in that case, she will not be comfortable you holding her hand or kissing her lightly. In case of husband and wife, or girlfriend/boyfriend where they share a sexual relationship, you will notice that your female partner is not interested in having sex with you. If you have noticed this lack of interest in lovemaking just recently, this could be because she’s dating someone else, and finds it uncomfortable to sleep with you. In fact, you should be surprised if she suddenly starts to talk negatively about your performance in bed. If this change is evident and you feel you cannot satisfy her sexually, this could be because she has her priorities changed and she’s thinking of someone else while in bed with you.

These are some of the ways of how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you. Always keep in mind that you will only be deluding yourself into thinking that your girlfriend is never going to cheat – but at the same time, you should never make a hasty decision. Although these above mentioned signs tell that your partner has lost interest in you, this may or may not be because she has found a new love. Therefore, you should always take your time, and if her behavior is not due to infidelity, you might discover something else that needs your attention.



8 Responses to Home

  1. preity says:

    Very useful info indeed…..I will keep an eye on my partner

  2. Peter says:


    Nice Info.

    People who are in doubt can use this to good effect.

    I am lucky I have loyal partner for last 5 years.


  3. Tyler says:

    So my girlfriend had cheated on me the first 2 weeks into the relationship. I know, I know that people will think I’m dumb for doing so, but me I gave her a second chance cause I had never done that before and wanted to take a chance my self. But she ended up cheating on me with my best friend and we had problems for a good amount of time. I love her now and she says she does and that she is in love with me. But the thing is I allowed her to talk to the kid recently and she lost her job recently too and he offered to allow her to “clean his room and wash his really nice car for him” and he would pay her… I know this could be me overthinking cause I have every right too when it comes to them hanging out. I know they snapchat a lot and text but I don’t know how often they text… With my girlfriend she has always deleted her messages out of her iphone no matter who it was besides me. I really want to know if shes cheating again or if shes being faithful still cause she still insists nothing is happening between them but my “ex best friend” I guess you can call him will drop anything to get her alcohol or what ever she wants… I find that really fishy such as him buy a $800 box including two 12 inch subs and an amp and he just gave it to her so she can pay for bills. I don’t know if I’m overthinking anything but just figured I could ask for some help

  4. Stephen says:

    Sounds like your ex best friend is anxious to get her attention back. This could be a sign he’s just being a problem, not her.. but if she did start cleaning this guys place, theirs a high chance that shes trying to find a new start…

  5. Stephen says:

    I have problems too.. but I have many reasons to believe things are happening.. shes cheated on me once, and 6 months down the road (we’ve been dating for 3 1/2 yrs.. it seems as though shes losing interest.. and she gets SOOO pissed off when I ask to see her phone. She won’t let me touch it, SHE has to be holding the phone when I ask rto see it.. she wanted me to delete my facebook, because I had made her delete hers awhile back because I caught her talking to a really close friend that she had when we hadnt been dating.. I told her in return for me deleting my facebook, I wantes her password to her phone. Her excuse was “you made me delete MY facebook”. I explained to her why, and that she doesn’t have a reason for me to delete mine.. but she continued with the same excuse. So now im paranoid about her phone.. and why shes ALWAYS on it

  6. Stephen says:

    Also, her close friend that she was talking to, he hadn’t veen their before we broke up.. they started hanging out after she cheated on me with her close friends friend

    • Chris says:

      Dude seriously if its that bad break up with her regardless if shes cheating or not. When you guys have to start taking things from each other like facebook and phones you two obviously do not trust each other one bit and its seriously time to move on. Thats just asking for fights and bickering constantly and thats just not healthy for you or her.

      Break up and move on if you are that untrusting of her or you are going to need to do some serious self reflecting to repair your relationship starting with trust

  7. flameboom says:

    You see i am in a relation with my girlfriend for almost a year,but recently she admit that making love has become boring for her and everytime we do it she suddenly tells me to stop it.
    When i ask her ”why..?” she says she finds it boring and got tired of it,now i read these stuff so im not sure if my girlfriend is secretly cheating on me or is just really tired of making love.

    can anyone please give me their toughts or tell me whats actually happenning?

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